Week 15


“Profound offense strikes at a person’s core values and sense of self. It is caused, for example, by the desecration of a religious symbol or by the violation of profound cultural norms, such as those associated with respect for the dead…One could also feel profound offense if one felt that one or one’s culture is not being treated with fairness or with respect. It is common for people to frame their objections to cultural appropriation in terms of offense” (Young, Brunk, 2012, pg. 5).

Many people who appropriate culture or don clothing that’s sacred to an individual’s culture don’t realize how demeaning it is for that person. People begin exploiting the culture of people of color without any regards or understanding of the history, experience and traditions. When this happens, it makes it seem like it’s okay to not respect someone’s ethnic identity because they feel entitled to take it from them and it becomes another form of representation out of their control.


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