Week 13

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“I see these shifts in gender and race representation as located within struggles between generations so that representation itself becomes an arsenal in a kind a cultural territory war. Within this particular battlefield, the struggles of the past to represent women and people of color are read through nostalgic lens as an “old school” kind of politics. Indeed, contemporary manifestations of “girl power” and the “urban” render the language of sexism and disenfranchisement as old-fashioned and even quaint. The dismissal of the language and the politics associated with it is characteristic of “new school” politics, where commodity culture is situated not in opposition to those politics but rather provides the very means to exploit and represent these dynamics of race and gender” (Banet-Weiser, p. 205).

In the media and in real life, political correctness is a big deal and everyone should do there best to abide by it. Language plays a huge factor in that. As the quote states, representation has changed so much as time progresses and America has had many past issues with gender representation before but now it’s considered as “old-policy fashioned.” Now, I believe the “new school” politics could refer to equality for transgendered individuals because it is also similar to what happened with the “Jim Crow” laws, in which certain places would have public bathrooms marked “for colored only.” Now the famous store Target has created a new pro-transgender bathroom allowing those who choose to identify with a different gender choose which restroom to use. However, there has been many backlash against this decision, including some post-feminists who believe a gender inclusive restroom is dangerous. I’m not sure how to feel about Target’s decision. On one hand I am all for equal rights and I can see how difficult it may be for transgendered individuals choosing one when they identify as another, but as a woman who does shop at target I’ve seen other people make very valid points about the potential dangers that could arise just by allowing any individuals to choose which restroom to use. This also relates hugely with Naomi Gordon-Loebl’s article about gender or hetero spaces, it’s difficult because as much as some people want to include all races, all genders, not everyone feels the same. So, how do we achieve equality for all people but also regard women and children who feel vulnerable to this decision?


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