Week 12

“Make America Great Again”

The current presidential election coverage in the media has shown a disappointing lack of progress in racism. This is primarily due to the narrative of the presidential campaigns produced by media, specifically Donald Trump, who has had directed many media narratives favoring white supremacy.

The best way to uncover how media narratives cover Trump’s campaign in relation to white privilege and white supremacy is by evaluating Trump’s main slogan, “Make America Great Again.” It is a common campaign slogan used by politicians, such as the 40th white president Ronald Reagan, and most recently, the 2016 presidential candidate, Donald Trump. Who is Trump making the promise to “Make America Great Again” to? This statement implies that America use to be great back in the day, but the truth is the past wasn’t all that great. In comparison to President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign, “Change we can believe in,” Obama’s slogan implies that American did need change. So, the first serious African-American presidential candidate America has ever had believed we needed change, and now we have Donald Trump pushing to revert that change and restore America to when it was supposedly great again.

America has barely made any headway in terms of racial progress, past or present. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva in Racism without Racists explains how Americans, Whites in particular, are in denial about the reality of racial issues. He wrote, “Most whites believe that if blacks and other minorities would just stop thinking about the past, work hard, and complain less (particularly about racial discrimination), then Americans of all hues could “all get along” (Silva, 2009, p. 1). If this notion were true, shouldn’t Donald Trump be endorsing an idea of a better future rather than trying to bring back the “old” America?

In a Huffington Post article titled, “Donald Trump: When the Media Flirts With White Supremacy,” it goes into detail about the concept of the term “birther,” and the underlying context that “black Americans were not meant to inherit American citizenship by birth.” This term relates to the huge issue concerning President Obama’s citizenship and in 2011, Trump was asked whether or not he believed the president was born in America, Trump’s answer was that he can’t be sure about Obama’s citizenship, but he can definitely prove he was himself. His answer gives the impression that he’s been in America all his life; he belongs here, but why, because he’s White? This idea of “birthers” is relevant to the belief that white people are not racially seen and named because they are just simply the human race. There has been instances of him asserting superiority over another race when he become a central figure in racial controversy due to comments like, Mexican immigrants are “rapists” and criminals and his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. Trump’s many comments over the past few months suggests that America is not great due to the people of color occupying this country which is why he is trying reinforce the idea of making it great once again by returning the country back to the “humans.” Silva writes, “How is it possible to have this tremendous degree of racial inequality in a country where most whites claim that race is no longer relevant? (Silva, 2009, p. 2),” the answer is – race is relevant, just as white supremacy and white privilege is relevant.

Trump never exactly specifies a moment in history when America was “great,” but I can’t recall a time when this country was “great” place to live as a citizen of color compared to the progress we’ve made now. A passage in The Matter of Whiteness reads, “The media, politics, education are still in the hands of white people, still speak for whites while claiming – and sometimes sincerely aiming – to speak for humanity” (Dyer, pg. 11), the underlying notion is that being white is being human and this secures a position of power. Trump has consistently been pushing for an immigration policy or deportation policy against Latinos, imagine the impact that would have on so many lives and even the economy but Trump’s think this would be a saving grace away. This is coming from a white privileged perspective because his solution to “Make America Great Again” has been nothing but needless proposals to remove every race in America except White people, who are apparently just “humans” (Dyer, pg.11),

Donald Trump’s slogan supports this statement, “…in Western representation whites are overwhelmingly and disproportionately predominant, have the central and elaborated roles, and above all are placed as the norm, the ordinary, the standard (Dyer, pg.11),” and that’s how he wants America to continue. If elected, Trump’s attempt to restore America to its former ways would not be in the favor of people of color but rather the white privileged society, more so than it already is.


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