Week 12


“If the shame lies in the face, Lopez’s display was (at least) a triple sign of symbolic warfare: “showing ass” as a sign of pride, “kiss my ass” as a form of revenge against a hostile cultural gaze, and “I’m going to kick your ass” to offset the economic exploitation implicated in racism. In Lopez’s case, this third rear victory is now dramatically evident in her current status as one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses- Latina or not. No wonder she says, “I have a curvaceous Latin body… I like to accentuate that.” So would I- all the way to the bank.” (Negron, p. 235)

In the reading for this week I really liked the focus of accepting the body type. This mentality of Lopez’s really does classify as a victory. I think as a person who’s been the media for a very long time has set a standard for a lot of women in the industry and in general. I chose Demi Lovato because she’s famously known as someone who’s had body issues and is also a Latina. No one can truly say why or how anyone’s body is formed the way it is but it generally does have to do with genetics. So, embracing how your body is , whether it’s related to race or not, is a wonderful thing. For people like Lopez who has seniority in the entertainment industry, who’s gone through negative and degrading comments, to use it and positively, I believe has helped people such as Lovato and in turn, has helped women of color everywhere.


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