Where’s Her Movie?

“Women (red line) claimed the lead roles in only 25.3 percent of the 174 top films examined for 2013. This figure is a bit lower than the share the group claimed in 2012 (30.8 percent) but virtually identical to 2011’s figure (25.6 percent). Because women constitute slightly more than half the U.S. population, they were underrepresented by a factor of about 2 to 1 among leads for the films examined in 2013. Films that featured female leads that year include: Gravity, Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and Saving Mr. Banks.” -Bunche Center 2015 Hollywood Diversity Report: Flipping the Script

I chose this image of Black Widow (played by Scarlett Johansson) as an example of the lack of leading female roles in big Hollywood blockbusters. Hollywood is afraid of change, and it’s painfully evident in the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline. Out of all the Avengers (2012) from the movie, Black Widow is the only one to not have a her own standalone movie. Even newer MCU characters such as Ant Man, Dr. Strange, and Black Panther will (or already did) get their own standalone movies. It’ll be over a decade from the original Avengers movie, if at all, until Black Widow gets her fair shake, even though audiences react positively to the character. Everyone gets their own movie, why her? Girl’s need someone to look up to, as well.

-Edgar Nava



2 thoughts on “Where’s Her Movie?

  1. We are, at least, getting Captain Marvel. But that is nowhere near enough. Just the same, I’m actually less interested in a Black Widow movie than I am in a movie with a woman of colour as the lead. The MCU has been abysmal at including women of colour, Agents of SHIELD notwithstanding. Civil War is the first time a black woman has had a notable speaking role in a Marvel movie. That is A Problem.

    So while I wouldn’t object to a Black Widow movie, I’d be more interested in a Monica Rambeau movie.

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  2. Yeah, Captain Marvel is going to be awesome, but still. Black Widow’s been around since the first movie, and she still doesn’t have a movie. They’re also doing Ant Man and the Wasp, so that’ll be cool too. It’s very true that their line up is extremely lacking in the women-of-color department. Monica Rambeau would be fantastic! Though, they’d have to do a fair amount of plot-crafting to fit her in. I’d personally like to see Firebird. Here’s hoping they steer away from the typical, right?


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