Cultural Appropriation


“Alternatively, the unsuccessful appropriation of a style (or another cultural product) could lead non-members of the culture to form a low opinion of the culture. This could, in turn, give rise to harm to members of the culture. When assessing acts of cultural appropriation, one must be sensitive to the possibility of harm that originates in this manner” (Young and Brunk, 2012, P. 9).

#culture #appropriation #artistproblem #misrepresentation #mainstream #Rodriguez

I chose this quote to go along with this picture because is shows how popular it is for artists to commit cultural appropriation. Sometimes artist claim to use those cultures because they admire it. The problem is that it can be taken in the wrong way if the artist isn’t careful of making sure that they are respecting the culture and the meaning behind the styles. The cultural clothes/accessories the people use has a meaning behind it. It’s not a costume, so artists shouldn’t be treating it like it is. Like the quote says if one wants to do cultural appropriation they must realize that they can be harming the culture and it’s people by giving them a low reputation.

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