Week 14: Trans/Gender and Sexuality

“As queer historians have noted, the terms heterosexuality and homosexuality were coined in the late nineteenth century, although their original meanings were somewhat different than today: both connoted a state of disease (Katz). By the middle of the twentieth century, however, heterosexuality and homosexuality had become fairly synonymous with the more colloquial terms straight and gay“ (Benshoff, 2009, Pg. 195).

#LGBT #language #wordshurt #Respect #don’tsaythat#Rodriguez

I chose this quote because I think it’s important to remember what language to use when speaking about human sexuality. The term homosexuality or the short version homo, is not a nice word to say because the word makes it seem like it’s a disease. Being gay is not a disease so it should not be referenced as one. It’s hurtful to the LGBT community so it should no longer be used.


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