Week 14: Representations of Trans/Gender sexuality


“Queer theory, then, examines the social construction of all human sexualities (not just lLGBT ones), in order to deconstruct the ideologies and institutions of heteronormativity , a broad social structure that claims that “married straight white man on top of white woman sex for procreation only” is the only normal and desirable sexuality. ” (Benshoff, pg. 196)
#rubyrose #LGBT #transgender #homosexuality


I chose this image  and quote because I feel that in today’s society they are very accepting of LGBT community, and people are now free to be open and freely choose their sexuality. Back in the day , you would need to hide your sexuality, or be afraid of really sharing who you are. It’s nice to live in a society where people can take pride and be able to comfortably love who they choose and be who they want to be. Ruby Rose is a great example of someone who take pride in who she is.


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