Join or Die

“This struggle over the “ownership” of the politics of feminism seems to be the primary lens through which contemporary feminisms are understood. Indeed, one of the most impassioned discourses involving feminism lately has not been generated by differing political platforms or a specific egregious act of discrimination against women but from the arguments, contradictions, and general disavowals between different manifestations of feminisms.  Within the contemporary context there are different feminisms (just as many different feminisms made up the broad second-wave feminist movement in the United States). Thus, the political focus of the postfeminism is vastily different from that of third-wave feminism for the for the former eschews gender politics as rather old-fashioned and dreary and the latter refigures gender politics in a commercially bounded culture. There is clearly a lack of genreational cohension between the various feminisms, making it difficult to figure out one’s position within feminism.” – Banet-Weiser, Sarah. ,“What’s Your Flava? Race and Postfeminism in Media Culture” (207)

It’s no surprise that older generations and newer generations butt heads on a variety of social and political issues, but for a movement that totes itself as empowering for women and women’s rights, I find it curious that even though these different types of feminist movements share most of the same goals, beliefs, and ideals, that they still direct so much time and energy against each other, instead of elsewhere. True feminism is about empowering women in the face of adversity, and the moment a certain sect of women try to force their ideas on other women (regardless of their race, religion, or political beliefs) and guilt or shame them for not submitting, then aren’t these perpetrators themselves doing to women exactly what they’ve supposedly set out to combat?

-Edgar Nava


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