Week 13 Women of Color and the Racialized Human Body in Popular Media


“Yet, it is not merely the blockbuster movies, the award-winning music or the rumor mill that make Beyonce´ amass so much cultural currency; it is also her iconic body, which is imbued with notions of class, femininity, and sexuality.” (Durham, Aisha, 2012, pg36)

#Beyonce #formation #socialclass #femininity  #sexuality #rodriguez

I chose this pictures because it show that diverse roles that Beyonce takes on in the “Formation” music video. In the video she constantly changes the class she portrays in the video. But one constant thing is showing off her curves. She demonstrates different social classes and black femininity but the sexuality portion is always there. Beyonce has that sex appeal image and she knows how to own it, so it’s always present in her videos, performances and songs.


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