“Yet even Willie has to concede that in the realm of television or indeed any spectacle (including cinema), “talent” and “seduction” are difficult dichotomies to uphold, and that un buen cuerpo (a good looking body) is not only otra cosa (something else) but also a razon poderosa (poweful reason) for making it in movies. Furthermore, it is also doubtful that talent is not needed to become a legend on the basis of your accumulated fatty tissue. How many big rear ends become songs, novels, popular wisdom, and the paradigm for a whole country’s wet dreams and cultural representation? I say that it takes at least some “talent”-perhaps the well-administered seductive arts-to make the talented (Willie himself included) pay attention to such a thing as your humble little rump.” – NegrónMuntaner, Frances. “Jennifer’s Butt: Valorizing the Puerto Rican Racialized Female Body,” in Boricua Pop: Puerto Ricans and the Latinization of American Culture. NYU Press, 2004.

So she’s not Latina, but she’s definitely attacked (just lke J.Lo used to) in the tabloids, mainstream media, social media, and basically anywhere there’s a person with an internet connection. The most common attacks revolve around her “loose morals”, her “huge butt”, and her “lack of class.” Whether these things are true or not, I cannot say. I’m not her, nor have I ever met her, but what I can say is that just like J.Lo, she wields the negativity directed towards her to her advantage. If she was so lacking in talent, then why the hell do I see her everywhere?

-Edgar Nava


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