week 9

“In fact, many Americans never bothered to take note of any differences between Chinese and Japanese people and later came to prejudiciously lump them together as simply the “Yellow Peril” (Wilson, Guitirrez, Chao, 2013 of 60).” #Chinese #Japanese#YellowPeril #Asian #Stereotypes #Baca

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 10.11.44 AM.png

“All Asians look the same!” Is a quote that is known, even though almost every race is used in that saying. However, in today’s society the most, I think it is Asians that we somehow clump all together. To an outsider that does not really know the difference between the Asian population, it can be hurtful to an Asian whom you might call Chinese when there is Japanese. It does make a difference, it is wrong someone claims all Mexicans look alike, because all Latin’s don’t look alike and every Latin / Spanish race is completely different, in language and culture. So to claim all Asians are the same when they may “look” alike just due to certain characteristics (most of them behind stereotypical), is completely wrong. Mexicans don’t want to be call Salvadorian, an American does not wanna be called German, and a Jamaican does not wanna be called ghetto. So to classify as a whole race looking and mistaking them for another race is something we can easily fix, either call an Asian an Asian, or call them by their specific race.


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