Week 11: Arab/Muslim Representations


“They stated that racism against Arabs and Muslims after 9/11 was “not so bad” because we were not rounded up and placed in internment camps, as was done with Japanese Americans during World War II. Often at on campus teach-ins and other public forums, they expressed nationalist pride that the U.S. government was not repeating past racism by indiscriminately demonizing an entire ethnic group.” (Alsultany, 2012, pg4)

#racialpredujice #hatecrimes #arabsandmuslims #injustice #Rodriguez

When I read this, I was shocked at how the could say that Arabs and Muslims were not treated so badly. They might have not been sent to camps, but they were definitely treated horribly. As the picture shows they were threatened and obviously discriminated against. There may be some people who never noticed the hate crimes committed against the Arabs and Muslims but that doesn’t change the fact that they were. It’s sad to see that after 9/11 people would want to kill Muslims and Arabs for a crime they didn’t commit. Even today they are constantly being treated horribly for what happened in the past that had nothing to do with them.

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