Week 11: Arab and Muslim Representations


“But their media stereotypes have ranged from villainous sheiks, to violent thieves, to exotic ‘belly dancers’ to wealthy scions of the desert, and worse, to purveyors of sinister acts of terrorism… But the 21st-century versions have generally shifted into more brutal and sinister characterizations” (Wilson, Chao, Gutierrez, 2013, pg. 63)

I chose this photo because in call of duty 4 the enemy is seen as Arab people. Not one single person on the other side is seen acting rationally. In video games like this they are portrayed as war hungry lunatics that care for nothing. These images can hurt those who do not identify with this, which are the majority of Arab people. These games, often played by young people instill the idea that they are the enemy and they will do anything for war and violence which is simply not true.


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