Arab and Muslim Representation

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“Post-9/11 government measures had a psychological impact on Arab and Muslim Americans, causing depression, sadness, and shock. Arab and Muslim Americans reported being fearful and censoring their behavior in public to avoid ethnic or religious markers.22 Te trauma of the terrorist attacks coupled with the increased suspicion and hostility from the public led many Arab and Muslim Americans to feel excluded from the process of grieving in the United States because they were associated with the enemy.23 As a result, many Arab and Muslim Americans isolated themselves; they stayed home, they stopped attending their mosques, all to protect themselves from potential harm.24 Thousands of Pakistani Muslims were so fearful of being targeted by these government policies that they “voluntarily” returned to Pakistan.25 Nadine Naber writes that some Arab Americans experienced “internment of the psyche,” psychological distress due to the fear that one might be considered guilty by association or secretly monitored.26″(Alsultany,PG.5) #MUSLIMSARENOTTERRORISTS #RACE #RACIALPROFILING #MEDIA #ISLAM

Sadly after the 9/11 terrorist attack happened ;suspicion happened towards Muslims and Islamic religion. Although most Muslim Americans had absolutely no link to the attack people and the media made it seem as if it was their fault which resulted to fear and harm to some. While others tried to avoid the profiling and the discrimination they still somehow were involved. It’s sad that this issue is still happening today with putting the religion itself in relation with terrorism when in reality they are very irrelevant to each other.


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