Week 9


“One of the most potent aspects of these yellow peril discourses is the sexual danger of contact between the races. Although the power of the lascivious Asian woman to seduce the white male has long be part of this fantasy, a far more common scenario involves the threat posed by the Asian male to white woman.” (Marchetti, 1993, pg. 3)

Hollywood’s depiction of Asia has often centered on feeding into the threat of the “yellow peril.” Many film adaptations commonly place White men as heroes and Asian men as the villain. Story lines in films would cater to “the fascination of the Yellow Man for the White Women”(Marchetti, pg. 5) but instead of a normal Asian-Caucasian relationship, it would involved the rape of the white woman. It became somewhat of a metaphor for the threat the West believed Asia posed. Additionally, another common story line is the Asian woman being “saved” from a life of prostitution from the white man.

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