Representation of Blackness

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“Much of the post-Civil War literature paints a negative image of black people designed to reinforce institutional and social racism. Many of the accusations against Black integrity that emerged during Reconstruction are now too familiar: laziness, slow wit, loose standards of morality, fondness for alcoholic beverages, and so on” (Wilson, Gutierrez, Chao, 58).
I felt like this image was very relevant to both the assignment and in real life. It covers multiple aspects of the course, but mainly that Black people have been and will continue to be painted in a negative fashion. The same rhetoric that was used to create racial divide in the Reconstruction-era is being recycled by figures such as Donald #drumpf in order to perpetuate this form of systemic and cultural racism.#donalddrumpf #blacklivesmatter#perpetualracism #fayettevillenc #fiatoa


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