Grey Areas

  • “Blackness does not only reside in the theatrical fantasy of the White imaginary
    that is then projected onto Black bodies. Nor is Blackness always consciously
    acted out. It is also the inexpressible yet undeniable racial experience of Black
    people*the ways in which ‘the living of Blackness’ become material ways of
    knowing . . . The interanimation of Blackness and performance and the tension
    between Blackness as ‘play’’ and material reality further complicates the notion of what constitutes a Black ‘‘performance’’ and of what playing Black is and what
    playing Black ain’t” (Johnson, 2005, p. 606). 

  • I chose this image and quote because I think that it’s so important to remember how much stereotyping and unconscious presumptions on racial behaviors are mostly a product of WHITE Hollywood. People often take these depictions of Black people, as well as other minorities, for face value, despite knowing that Hollywood is a land of make-believe. Somehow, Whiteness has had a huge role in shaping the way others perceive and define Black culture, and the subtlety makes it almost imperceptible that many people who are non-black are ignorant or oblivious to the incredible barriers that the black community faces in almost every aspect of their lives. They are punished for displaying passions and emotions because of their being black, even when white people can display the same, or even more, passion towards the same subject, and be admired for that very same fervor. Awarding and praising Black individuals for carrying themselves the way White people would is detrimental and regressive because it reaffirms that “white is right,” and that type of flawed thinking prevents social progress for minority groups.

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