Week 7: Latinos Representation

jane the virgin
“Latino actors from as far back as the 1930s have resisted negative scripts of Latinidad (Ramı´rez-Berg 2002). Today, when the trend in Hollywood is towards Latinization (Da´vila 2001), Latinos are increasingly portrayed as visible outsiders. In this context, Latino actors and producers have put efforts into challenging uncomplicated narratives of Latinidad.” (Liberato, Ana, et al, 2009, p.957)  #janethevirgin #latinopride #movingforward #latinorepresentation  #Rodriguez

The quote explains how many Latino actors attempt to avoid negative portrayals of Latinos, but how its extremely hard to do so without making the Latinos outsiders, just like Hollywood does. I think this show is a great example of how they have been able to surpass the challenge of misrepresenting or ignoring Latinos. The show truly focuses of the fact that the main character is a Latina who comes from a truly Latina family. They also don’t emphasis the stereotypical hot headed, super tempestuous woman. The actress plays a role that I can relate to because she is not the stereotypical Latina woman that’s constantly being used. I love this show and I think it is a great leap forward for Latinos in television.

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