Week 7: Latina/o Representations


“While inside and outside of Latinidad, some scholars and many in popular culture reduce the category “Latina/o” to the “brown” race, and indeed many of the previous generation of Chicano scholars celebrated the “bronze” color of this segment of the population, the fact is that Latina/os come in all racial, religious, and nation of origin combinations, which in turn means the entire spectrum of skin colors.” (Angharad, Valdivia. 2010, pg.19)

I chose this photo because many Latinos are stereotyped on the basis of their skin color. If you do not look “brown” many people will not consider you to be of certain Latino race. Because so many people think that Latinos are dark and brown based on the imagery seen in the media, they do not see that Latinos come in all colors of skin. Being someone who does not look typically “Mexican”, this relates to me a lot. As if my skin color makes me lesser of a Mexican because I do not look like how they are portrayed in the media. Racially, I am very ambiguous, and people are always shocked to see what my heritage is because of the way that I look.


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