week 7

“Marin also shows how ethnic background, skin colour, class appearance and residency can fragment the status of people as citizens in American society. “This film exposes how Chicano ‘subjectivity resides in the space between and among cultural systems/orders’ (Fregoso 1993b, p. 68). ” (Liberato, pg. 956)”
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The article does summarize some of the plot in the article, but when I start to think of Latino actors and ones that really tackle stereotypes in films, I immediately think of Cheech Marin. The film Born In East LA, is quite entertaining but I believe it is great because it actually stars a Mexican-American actor as well one who was born in LA. In one scene we are taken into a warehouse where we see undocumented Mexicans (probably working for little to no money) but doing what they can to survive in this country. Then the “La Migra” comes and takes anyone who is suspected to be an immigrant, anyone who is of darker complexion, and fits what a Mexican “looks” like. Within the movie, there is also white supremacy, with the border patrol, as well as the guy who he starts working for (who becomes his friend) but was only his friend to make money off of him. Not to mention the scenes where Cheech is teaching “Chinese Indians” how to act as Mexicans to fit in more in Mexico, but they are really just stereotypes. It is great for us, because Cheech is a comedian, he breaks it to where we are allowed to laugh within these movies and he is always having such stereotypes in his movies, lets not forget the song Mexican American from Cheech and Chong Next Movie. Yet, this movie is still very relevant, and most people from a Latino descent within the greater LA county can really relate too.IMG_3468.JPG


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