week 6

“Religious conversion was eventually seen, however, as an impossibility, and the colonists rationalized that the natives had to be removed as a barrier to the “civilization” of the continent. (Wilson, Gutierrez, Chao, pg. 56)” #NativeAmericans #Indians #KKK#redskins #Disney #Pocahontas #Oc#Anaheim #Baca

This quote can relate to several situations throughout history. Religion, has always been a strong and controversial point especially with “removing” people; The Holocaust. From religion, to characteristics of the human body, if it were Indians but then leading to African Americans, “removing” has always seem to be the decision. There is not much difference between the way the Whites looked at the Indians or the Blacks, calling them savages as well being fond of their bodies (although it was not right away by throughout time). As of today, the some of the most recent removals from whites were coming from the group of the KKK, mainly being against any non white, or colored people. Over this past week we seen the violent protest/rally that was taken place in Anaheim by the KKK and the people who were there to protest against them (mainly colored people). History only seems to repeat itself , from Jews to Indians to Blacks, yet it still has not completely gone away. It is no surprise that this was taken place in the OC, and that KKK members are still apart of our society, due to the fact of the big housing segregation taken place in OC. Even take it further to Disneyland mainly only being for whites, and the older “classics” being so stereotypical , take for example Pocahontas, giving them the colored skin, their attire and physical features. Disneyland and the city of Anaheim has a strong history being very segregated against colors. The KKK’s acts in the past are no different than the acts toward the Native Americans. We can only see how much further this goes now in today’s society, especially being so close to the OC and Anaheim. Hopefully, we do not witness another “removal” or anything even close of it.IMG_5432


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