week 5

Critics claimed the show was harmful because Rodriguez’s jokes were seen as ridiculing Mexican American culture. (Wilson, Gutierrez, Chao; pg. 89)” #trump #closetheborder #whiteamerica#georgelopez #racialdiscrimination #Baca

I came across this on the web and and I couldn’t just put his comment on here , I had to include the whole conversation. The reason I tied this quote to this image is because, George Lopez is a great Latin actor who had a big voice, being a comedian, actor and strong to his racial/ethnic backgrounds. The fact that the lady said “take our country back” gives a guess that she means from the “Mexicans” and to close the border in a sense. But the fact that George Lopez replied is no shock so much, I mean look at his sitcom, which does make jokes about stereotypes of the Latin culture, and yet it is now welcomed within his show. But it’s “okay” because he is Mexican and his show is based on the idea of being “dad less” as some stereotypes are made among the Latin culture. He is a hard worker, who worked in a factory, for not that good of money, and even when he is manager, he is working for the owners, 2 Caucasian males who make him do all the work. The show has also had episodes getting closer to racial problems but what if this show wasn’t a sitcom and George Lopez wasn’t a comedian and a well respected actor among his culture? Would this show have been terminated because of the way he makes fun of his culture? Would the jokes still be harmful?


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