Latino Representation


  • “Cruelty was not the only negative trait the scribe to Mexicans. Cecil Robinson, in his 1977 book “Mexico and the Hispanic Southwest in American Literature”, caught a cold the origins of several stereotypes, which began to appear in Anglo writings before and during the U.S.-Mexican War. During that war American naval Lieutenant H.A. Wise wrote that Mexicans were “beyond comparison The laziest and most ignorant set of vagabonds the world produces” (Wilson II, Gutierrez, Chao, 59).

    I really enjoyed how this picture actually tackles several different negative aspects when considering the relationships between Mexicans and Whites. However for the sake of this assignment, I will be focusing on the “lazy” stereotype that is portrayed onto many Mexicans, both documented and not. From the reading, it is easy to recognize the inaccurate representation of Mexicans, which then results in a stereotypical belief that supports the hateful motives and institutionalized racism such as the Arizona Immigration Bill and Donald Trump. When In reality, some of the most hardest working people in this beautiful country are the Mexican field laborers. And for those that claim that this mass wave of immigration is taking away jobs from Americans, I can only laugh and reference this image, because the types of jobs that Mexicans are stereotypically stealing are jobs that the average American would never even consider. #makedonalddrumpfagain

  • #adaywithoutamexican

  • #estasloca

  • #sleepymexican

  • #fiatoa

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