Week 6


“Anglo European settlers were at once faced with a dilemma of how to coexist with people they saw as a Primitive but who also had some qualities they admired. Writings of early settlers referred to what they considered to be the natives’ Primitive innocence, their willingness to share food and other essentials of life in a communal environment, and their dark,handsome physical appearance. To the white settlers These attributes were “noble”. At the same time the settlers also observed the natives proclivity for nudity, open sexual relationships and incidents of cannibalism. These traits were considered “savage”. “(Wilson, Gutierrez, Chao.2013, pg.56)

-I thought this picture was interesting because it shows the drastic difference between the european settlers and the native americans. I also found it interesting how the european settlers wanted to pick and choose what they liked and what they didn’t like about the native american’s life. The issues with that is very relvent with today’s society. People still like to pick the negativity in a specific culture and expect it to change.


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