Week 6 Native American Representations


“Stories of actual and exaggerated atrocities by Indians upon white settlers, who pushed ever westward into the frontier, firmly established a hatred against them that clearly made them an enemy both in warfare and of the progress of civilization. Literature during the Indian wars is rife with tales of natives burning, looting, raping, and scalping the pioneers who were fulfilling the fervor of ‘Manifest Destiny.'” (Wilson, Gutierrez, Chao. 2013, pg. 57)

Here it is seen that many times Native American atrocities were exaggerated in order to help remove the barrier of native Americans in order for westward expansion. Whites needed to all be on one side in order to defeat the Native Americans and fulfill their idea of manifest destiny. In order to do so the native people needed to be seen as savages and people who were not even human. They needed to be seen as a threat of not only expansion but also a threat to ones everyday life. In the photo the artist greatly exaggerated the woman, Jane McCrea, and her beauty in order to create more of an outcry. This photo was used as propaganda in order to make the Native Americans be seen as savages.


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