Native American Representation


“In truth not all American Indians fit the physical stereotype. Not all are dark skinned (and none actually have red skin) with high check bones and black hair tied up in braids.” (Fleming, W,2006. p. 215)

#nativeamerican #physicalrepresentaion #stereotypes #Indians

I Have a friend who is always being mistaken as a Native American simply because she fits that stereotypical depiction. She is dark skinned and she likes having her long black hair in a braid. Just because she looks like what people thing Natives should look like, they always judge her. She’s actually of Mexican descent and only has long black braided hair because it’s her choice. Fitting that description does not make her a Native American. This lady in the picture is Native and she is not that dark skinned and she does not have her hair in braids. Does that mean she’s not Native American? No.



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