Native American Representation


“Initially the English colonist decided to convert the natives to Christianity in an attempt to assimilate them while the process of creating a European-style society was underway. Religious conversion was eventually seen, however, as an impossibility, and the colonists rationalized that the natives had to be removed as a barrier to the “civilization” of the continent” (Wilson, Gutierrez, Chao, 56).

To put this picture into context, the document known as the Dawes Act of 1887 essentially gave President Grover Cleveland the power to divide and ration out Native American lands to individual natives. Essentially, this policy was put in place to “kill the Indian, save the man”. By stealing and then redistributing the natives’ land, the white man was displaying absolute control while providing “incentives” to assimilate, resulting in the uprooting of the Native American lifestyle.#dawesactof1887 #thevictorswritehistory #whitelikeme #killtheindiansavetheman #fiatoa


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