Race and Ethnicity on The Bachelor

Will we ever see a black bachelor or a black bacehelelorette? Usually by the third show all black participates are gone.   In the year 2016 is America comfortable with a black and white couple? The bachelor and bachelorette are two of the most popular reality shows on T.V. The show is going on its 20th season since the year 2002. Every year millions tune in to view the Bachelor. From the average American to celebrities many viewers cannot get enough of the bachelor. The most recent finale of the Bachelorette generated 352, 000 tweets seen by 4.6 million viewers.   Advertisers pay an average $177,500 for a 30 sec spot. In fourteen years is the Bachelor afraid to mix races. In an article in Huffington Post there was an issues regarding race and discrimination of the bachelor and bachelorette. The issue arose when a contestant named Jubilee on the Bachelor was black of Haitian descent made it pass the third show. The women were one of the few finalists of the show and received nasty threats and backlash from her fellow contestants.   As Jubilee was not only a beautiful well qualified candidate for bachelor. She was never considered a serious candidate. Despite that her fellow cast mates were mean, judgmental and naïve they were still viewed and better manner than Jubilee. (Wilson, Chao and Gutierrez, 2013:p.147),“Because people of color are vastly underrepresented in the upper middle to upper- class income economic categories they have been shortchanged in the news media coverage”.

Many African American contestants who have been on the bachelor and bachelorette have been well and over qualified choices for the bachelor and bachelorette that they are usually gone by the third episode before we as viewers get a chance to know their names. ABC has hidden this secret agenda in plain sight and no one has done anything about. The non- white contestants do not get a fair chance and have been for over 14 years.   Before the show even begins the non-white contestant are losing from the start, which accounts for the lack of non-white viewers. In my opionion the Bachelor is afraid to have a mix race couple because of the fear of losing advertisers. The bachelor is viewed from a white perspective. , “The commission noted that news was determined from “a White Perspective”(Wilson, Chao and Gutierrez (2013): p.147). Usually show with black producers and writers for example Scandal and Gray Anatomy are not afraid to show and interracial couple. Which is a true vision of our world.

ABC needs to do a better job of showing diversity on their show. There a lot of shows that show diversity that does very well such as New Girl, Empire and Scandal. People want to see shows they can relate. The more diversity on a show they more viewers of different races and backgrounds you will have. This is 2016 and an interracial dating is perfectly fine and there has more and more of it on T.V. The bachelor and the bachelorette may have many viewers but they do not have to make one race feel more inferior to the next. Unless they change their ways they are not going to be as successful but they are not showing the true 2016 America.


Wilson, C. C., Gutiérrez, F., & Chao, L. M. (2013). Racism, sexism, and the media: Multicultural issues into the new communications age (4th ed.). Thousand Oaks: SAGE Publications.


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