WEEK 5 :Stereotypes


“Over the past two decades there has been an unusual proliferation of Asian women news anchors in major markets, spurred by Hollywood’s stereotypical images and the success enjoyed by such high-profile newscasters as Connie Chung. From portrayals of the submissive subservient “geisha” girl in the 1950’s movies as Sayonara, to the Asian woman as an exotic sexual object in films like the world of Susie Wong.” (Wilson, Gutierrez,Chao; pg.,98)” #Asian #stereotypes  #geisha #asianwomen

-There’s a vast  stereotypes about Asians. Many of these stereotypes are just portrayed by the media and more of exaggeration that leads to people believing in that media representation. People tend to retain these type of stereotypes even if that’s not what they see in reality. 

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