Week 5: Overview of Media Stereotypes


“Due to continued racial segregation, the media are the primary forum through which whites come to “know” non-whites; therefore, individual minorities in the media come to symbolize these groups for white audiences.” (Greco Larson, 2005, Pg. 3)

Racial stereotypes are upheld in the movie Rush Hour with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Chan upholds the traditional racial stereotype of an Asian martial arts master. Chris Tucker portrays a loud African American man. Even in the main face of the movie, the poster itself, there is stereotypes of fast and nimble asian hands, and the portrayed loudness of blacks. Being a large scale movie, this is how these races will be perceived in the masses. These stereotypes, being seen by a very large amount of people will further engrain those stereotypes into other peoples heads. In order to reverse stereotypes the media must portray non-whites in roles that shatter the ideas engraved in so many peoples minds. Creating stereotypical roles will only further ideas about certain races that may not be the reality.


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