Week 5: Media Stereotypes

The Model Minority Myth of Asians in the Media

“Nevertheless, the stories told by the mass media help justify a system in which some groups (such as racial minorities) are subordinate to others by using narratives that reconcile the fact of racial inequality with belief in justice and equality.  Ideologies that guide these stories make the status quo seem natural, inevitable, and right.” (Greco Larson, “Reality” Television, page 2)

The assumption of Asian Pacific Islanders is that they’re all well-behaved, extremely smart, passive, feminine, and are socially awkward.  So many TV shows use the portrayal of this “model minority” myth, backing up Larson’s point of this ideology becoming a part of the status quo.

#Modelminoritymyth #Minoritiesinthemedia #stereotypes #APImisrepresentation #Saucedo


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