Week 5

“Mass-media debates often revolve around sensational accusations of personal racism; the accusation and the defense are framed in individual terms…The usual sequence in media accusations of racism, similarly, is that the racist statement is made, offense is expressed, punishment is called for: all of which provokes a series of counter-statments — that the person in question is not racist, that some of the person’s best friends belong to the race in question, and so forth.” (1994, Shohat, Ella, and Robert Stam, p. 201)

I found some of Iggy Azalea’s old tweets because I think it really represented this quote from the reading. I’m sure there are a lot more examples of this, including the Bush incident the book gave, but this was the first one that came to mind because it’s relevant to today’s popular culture. Iggy caused major controversy over many of her tweets and this was just one of the name. When she received a lot of hate, with people proclaiming her to be a racist, she responded with the tweet in the image below. If Iggy were a college student I would definitely recommend this class to her. She attempted to try the “I have a (*insert race) friend so I can’t be racist” tactic and many people reacted to that. In my opinion, I think that’s just being ignorant and falls into the category of internalized racism. This goes for everyone but especially to someone in the public eye, you really need to be careful of what you say. I admit, it is hard to break away from stereotypes but it isn’t so hard to just not tweet anything so offensive.


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