Week 5

Overview of Media Stereotypes


“Although political and economic pressures combined to accord Latinos in the largest degree of change  in stereotype among people of color  between 1930 and 1945, certain prejudices lingered on screen. In general, Latinos were not seen as people who as people with family values or stable romantic relationships; nor were they seen as in pursuit of honorable careers,” (Wilson II, Gutierrez, Chao. P 75.)

#RaceandMedia #Prejudice #Stereotypes #Latina #Latino #Treganza

This picture from the 2002 film Maid in Manhattan shows how prejudices of Latina and Latinos are shown on screen. In this film, actress Jennifer Lopez and other women of color portray maids, an occupation often associated with minorities. It shows how not only are Latinos in media are stereotyped and discriminated, but Latinas as well. It truly says something when an actress as famous as Jennifer Lopez, even in 2002, is cast as a true stereotype.



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