Profiling Problems

 “while stereotyping per se may have merits in popular literature and arts, when combined with prejudice it poses a devastating obstacle to human development and understanding in a multicultural society.” (Wilson, Chao, Gutiérrez pg.55, 2013) I was walking around south Los Angels and found this poster on a dumpster and found it peculiar, turns out D.W.B. stands for Driving While Black. Driving While Black is a dark comedy that describes a harsh reality of prejudice among law enforcement. It shows how police profile African Americas and justify it with their preconceived notions. These notions are fueled by the everyday use and “self-validation” of stereotypes. Stereotypes are used as justification to disparage, to judge without contact. These quick and lazy judgements, although seemingly faster and simpler to the race that is objectifying, are used as backing arguments to defend racism. #DrivingWhileBlack #PreconceivedNotions #PoliceProfilingPersecutes #RacialPortrayals


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