Overview of Media Stereotypes


“In ensuing years, the historical portrayal of Native Americans on network television differed little from that experienced in Hollywood cinema. The list of prime time TV series featuring positive, accurate representations of Native Americans is extremely brief as an examination of either past or present conditions” (Wilson, Gutierrez, Chao, 84).

I believe that this passage from the text and this cartoon go hand in hand. Both are expressing the same message; that those outside of a particular minority are often conditioned by Hollywood, and the entire entertainment industry altogether, to specifically generalize said minority. Often there are people that refuse to accept someone’s “race” because that person doesn’t necessarily fit into their status quo.#whatareyoureally   #basedonafalsestory   #butyoudontlooklikeit  #doimeetyourstandards #fiatoa


2 thoughts on “Overview of Media Stereotypes

  1. Many people try to argue that a lot of those icons within the photo you chose is a representation of strength and honor to the Native American culture. But, media has added to the illusion that this culture is either a mascot or a fashion statement. Thank you for sharing!


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