Fueling Fears

 “A few months after the 9/11 events two thirds of the Muslim Americans polled felt the mainstream media were unfair in covering Muslims and Islam.” (Wilson, Chao, Gutiérrez pg.49, 2013) In last weeks episode of the revamped X-Files, season 10, episode five featured main character, Agent Mulder, taking hallucinogens to talk to a self-hospitalized suicide bomber on life-support. Although the episode explores racism from both sides of the spectrum, the comedy invoked in the episodes activities cheapen the message and reality of the issue. There is often this one-sided focus in American media on all Muslisms as potentially radical Muslims, it’s a fear tactic that keeps cultures too scared to interact. It’s this constant bombardment of a singular vision that builds to the insidious preconceived misconceptions that ruin inter-cultural relations. #ManipulationOfMasses #Stereotyping #FuelingFears #MisrepresentationNation #brooks


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