Overview of Media Stereotypes


“…Whites portrayed all of the non-White characters in both films. (It is interesting to note, however, that genuine Native American Indians were sometimes employed to play minor roles, but the practice was not without problems. Directors found it difficult to teach them how to act ‘Indian’, promoting one observer to write an article on ‘The Dangers of Employing Redskins as Movie Actors’).” (Wilson II, Gutiérrez, Chao, 2013, pg 69). #sterotypes #americanindians #alllivesmatter #stopthehate #bamboozling #Linich

I picked this picture with this quote because I was just so dumb founded that they had to “teach” the already Native Americans to “act” more like the Native American stereotype. And even with the Whites dressing up as non-Whites just seems to me that the non-White role was important but not important enough to where they would cast a non-White  actors.


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