Week 4 Race and Ethnicity in Marketing and Advertising

“More than an educational or emotional response to tragedy, post 9/11 nonprofit advertising sought to “sell” an imagined American community and in the process redefine American identity and citizenship.” (Alsultany, page 3)

I wanted to discuss this quote because I feel it highlights how advertising can affect minority groups. This quote shows negative responses to the Muslim community after 9/11 attacks took place which is unfortunate because there are plenty of Muslim Americans in the country that no affiliation with these attacks. They are American, too, their country was being attacked as well. Due to the fact that Muslims were blamed for these attacks, Muslim Americans and people who were assumed to be Muslims were racially profiled. Though there were some advertisements that presented Muslims as Americans in the country, there was still a negative outlook on the community (hence the quote above).

“Since the goal of advertising is to promote the sales and consumption of products, advertising agencies serve no moral code other than to advocate products so that people will buy them.” (Chao, page 180)

I felt this topic needed another quote to completely understand the significance as to how advertising plays a role in ethnic communities. This quote comes from the Marketing and Advertising Ethics section in chapter 7 which discusses how there is many fault in the advertising industry because they only care about making money and because media sources that cater to minorities get paid less than when they cater to the general audience, it is hard to get important advertisements, like the ones about positive Muslim images to the general audience.

The picture was chosen because it goes back to the same idea that prejudice comes from misunderstanding, which has also affected marketing and advertising for ethnic groups. Many people believe that all Muslims are extremely violent when in fact, Islam means peace and they are in fact an extremely peaceful religion.

Jade Love

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