Week 3 Race and Gender in “News” Media

“…the networks never distinguish Mexican-origin, Central American-origin, and other Latino communities. Network journalists regularly failed to make two basic distinctions: generation (immigrant, first US born, later generations) and legal status (unauthorized or authorized immigrant), although these factors account for major differences in the economic, educational, political, electoral and cultural life patterning among the various Latino communities.” (Otto Santa Ana, page 8)

One of the major underlying issues with prejudice is misunderstanding. The dominant white culture has historically had trouble understanding and relating to Hispanic culture which ultimately affects how they present and perceive the many different communities in the media. I specifically chose this quote because I strongly believe that it is the lack of recognition of these different Hispanic communities that allows media to lump them all in one category and report on them as such. I also believe that lack of recognition to an individuals generation and legal status supports the stereotype that all Hispanics are Mexican and all of them have entered the country illegally. The picture I chose for this quote shows great significance because it represents that different shades and hair texture are a part of Hispanic culture and that not one Hispanic person looks like the next; It is a very diverse culture and that is what should be represented in media. This picture also shows a fireman, a student, children and mothers which proves that Hispanics in our country are American and live American lives as any one else would.

Jade Love


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