Race and the Press

Week 3: I believe this is great to see due to that fact that it states “White Americans” when usual news media does not need to classify Americans as white (yes, even though it is targeting to a specific group of White Americans), because it is the majority of the U.S. Also, because even though the D.O.I. states “all men are created equal” it did not mean “all” when it was signed “it was so obvious that there was no need to insert the word “White” between “all” and “men” ” because why would the “all” include Blacks and Indians in that time? (Wilson II, Guitierrez, Chao pg. 129). Media mainly posted about non-whites because they were perceived as a threat to the greater public, but with whites slowly becoming the minority it is time to classify whites as “White Americans.” But how does that make whites feel, that they are now becoming the biggest terror threat to America, once again, and now having to be classified as “white” on media. #raceandmedia #declarationofindependence #nbcnews #whiteamerica #minority #bacaIMG_9576.png


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