Race and gender in “News” Media

“This misleading construction of illegality is tied to the circulation of troublesome stereotypes about the migration status of different ethnoracial groups. Specifically, assessments of illegality are often associated with unreliable signs of one’s migration status, such as language, religion, and physical appearance. These presumptions lead not only to law enforcers’ regular misidentification of people’s migration status based on wrongful assumptions about ethnolinguistic markers, but also to the broader public stigmatization of those markers.” (Rosa, 2013, pg 2) #immigration #immigrationreform #droptheiword #Wells

The word “illegal” when applied to people living unlawfully in the United States can conjure inaccurate images in people’s minds and reinforce stereotypes. The negative connotation influences how people perceive those who are undocumented in a harmful way such as thinking someone is “illegal” based on the color of their skin or the way they talk.


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