Week 4: Marketing and Advertising




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The original Gerber baby in the Gerber food company has always been known or advertised  to be ethnically Caucasian or white, but the Gerber baby company has decided to revise the logo and make it more of different racial infants to reach out the growing trend of diversity. 

“Marketers and advertisers reach out to potential customers identified by census Bureau demographic identifiers: race, ethnicity,age,gender,education, and other terms that define target audiences.” Wilson II, Gutierrez, Chao. Racism, Sexism, and the Media. p.177).

-Reham Youssef (Lora)


3 thoughts on “Week 4: Marketing and Advertising

  1. I love the picture that you decided to use for this quote. I feel like even from the earliest age we are learning and soaking up all the information we can as possible, we are basically like sponges just soaking up life. We learn what to do, what not do etc. We learn what is accepted in our society and what is the social ‘norm’ and what we should avoid. I think the Gerber company making this change is a step towards the right direction.

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  2. I like this picture because it hits from the roots. What i mean by that is, it shows the diversity we live in and it starts as we are babies. I think if companies that make diapers were racist is some form, it would not be a good look for our country. -Sadan Warraich

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