Week 2


“The frames that bond together a particular racial ideology are rooted in the group-based conditions and experiences of the races and are, at the symbolic level, the representations developed by these groups to explain how the world is or ought to be.” (Bonilla-Silva, Racism without Racists, p. 10)

So many people are enraged at this year’s nominee selection but if only this anger was being expressed everyday throughout year and not when the nominations are announced. There’s obviously a serious problem with regard to race, sexuality and gender in Hollywood. These “bonds” Silva refers to is evident from within in the industry and how people of color are treated differently from White people. What I find a bit disturbing is that this issue, it doesn’t begin or end with the only the members of the Academy, but society seems to forget that when it isn’t brought up by popular culture.  The image above with the Oscars shamelessly sweeping away and disregarding black actors and films, is symbolic to the way the world disregards the issue of racism.

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One thought on “Week 2

  1. Awesome picture and comment, i do believe that this is a very important discussion we should have throughout the year because though there is discrimination within Oscars and media, the people who get affected the most are the everyday people who face social realities of racial discrimination. This is something I believe racial directors, actors/actresses, and screenwriters try to put forth but lack of recognition for these artists comes from a long history of people of color not being seen as intellectual and artistic and is still being continued today.

    Jade Love


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