Racism in Ad’s

Week 4: There were quite a couple quotes I wanted to add to this image specifically, one discussing that since companies realized that colored are product purchasers now, racial advertisements were declined and colored were shown more positive. However, the best from this weeks reading that I found was bout psychographics, and how advertisers used this tactic to get people to buy more products, to make it feel like they needed it and they wanted it because they thought it would help them be who they are or who they want to be. Psychographics “have a special impact on members of racial and ethnic groups looking for ways to show they are advancing up the socioeconomic ladder … these consumers are especially hungry for anything that will add status and happomesss tp their lives and help them show that they are making it (Wilson, Gutierrez, Chao pg. 178). ” #racialadvertising #lightniningcream #eternallywhiteiamconfident #Baca

As well, this ad is for people of darker skin to buy skin-whitening products. These images are still very relevant to todays society, because although not as big in America, these lotions are still sold around the world, including placed like Thailand where this ad was controversial , and had the saying “eternally white, I’m confident” become the new slogan. Even just being darker shades of your own race, as we discussed in class, you can be seen “less” than your own family.

IMG_3084 2.JPG


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