Race and Social Media

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 11.25.43 AMBeyoncé slyly paid tribute to black panthers through her dancers costume during her 2016 Super Bowl performance. “..the media often disregards women as leaders and are more likely to portray them as individuals rather than groups, victims instead of heroines, and sexual figures as opposed to thinkers” (Wilson ll, Gutierrez, Chao p. 145).


One thought on “Race and Social Media

  1. I think this post brings out the fact that women, even if they are not hard core political, can still go out and make an important statement. Beyonce as an entertainer used her art to still express important topics in society. Using the Superbowl as the platform for her message was also a wise move by her because it’s a huge event that gets across to many Americans who may or may not have been up to date with the black panthers or the black lives matter campaign.


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