Race and Gender in News


“Since news content, in theory, reflects what is really important to society, the coverage of people of color in general audience news media provides insight into their social status. By their professional judgements, the gatekeepers of news reveal how consequential they regard non-Whites in American society by determining the ways in which they are interpreted to the general audience.” (Wilson, C., Gutierrez, F., Chao, L., 2013, p128)

#raceinnews #falserepresentation #iftheygunnedmedown #raceandmedia

This photo makes the statement that if the man was shot, what photo would the news media use. In the past, the news would choose photos that misrepresented the person, so there was this big movement on social media (#iftheygunnedmedown or anything similar to that) where people would post a nice photo with a risky photo asking which photo would the news media use to show them. The news’ job is the show the real nature of society, but sometimes the gatekeepers fail at showing the audience minorities in the best way.


One thought on “Race and Gender in News

  1. This post and analysis is exactly what I believe sometimes. Yes, the news will do their “best” to show the real nature, but what then again, news is media, and also a business, they will do their best to gain viewers even if it means using the picture on the left vs the right, just to gain a bigger audience. Great post!


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