Race and Ethniticity in Adevertising


“Accordingly,  the few Afro-Latino representations are concentrated in the more limited realm of bilingual cable programming, such as in MTV’s Tr3s (a stylized version of tres, or the number three in Spanish) as if it to convey that race is the property of young urban Latinos, while the Spanish TV universe revels in the generic “Latin Look or on what my colleague Juan Pinon calls the “giiero” (white blonde).  The popularity of the Cuban actor William Levy, dubbed the “Latin Brad Pitt” for his uncanny resemblance to the actor, provides a notable example of this trend. Not surprisingly, it is white Spanish-language actors who are succeeding in Spanish Language television, like levy and the highly successful Sofia Vergara, who are also more likely to cross over into general market media. There, they are quickly racially marked as “Latinos” by their hyper-accented English, their voluptuous bodies, and the characters they play are reminiscent of the hyper-sexualized spicy senoritas and Latin lovers of the past.” (Davila xxvii, 2012) #SpicySenoritas #LatinosinMedia #LatinLover #LatinosSexualized #Pacheco

-Karen Pacheco




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