Race and Ethnicity in Marketing/Advertising


“Second, there are virtually no advertising images that depict interracial couples made up of a black man with a white woman. This taboo has been successfully broken in American social life and TV sitcoms, but it remains practically off limits in the world of advertising. To venture here is so risky that few businesses seem willing to try it, at least now. This kind of interracial couple too easily recalls the opening images of this unit: the black man attacking a white female victim.” (Obarr, 18).

I absolutely loved this commercial! One of the first ads on TV that I can specifically remember having not only an interracial couple, but also a biracial child! I really enjoyed this section of the Obarr reading in which he touches on not only the lack of interracial couples in advertising, but also the even fewer cases of advertising in where that said interracial couple is of a black man with a white woman. It’s as if we are still living in that “Emmett Till” era in which society must shield it’s fragile white women from the likes of the violent, hypersexual black man. Earlier in the reading, we are told that advertising usually follows the trends of society, not start them. However, when it comes to interracial couples/families and those interracial families with a black man and white woman, it is literally taboo and will be followed  with certain scrutiny. #interracialcouples #emmetttillera #cheeriosforthewin #cerealracists #fiatoa

-Alex Fiatoa


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