Race and Ethnicity in Marketing and Advertisment


“This presented an out-of-focus image of racial minorities, but one that was acceptable, and even persuasive, to the White majority to which it was directed. These symbolic images of people of color in advertising were designed to trigger stereotypical thought in the minds of readers, viewers, and listeners that promoted purchase of the products being advertised.” (Wilson, C., Gutierrez, F., Chao, L., 2013, p.163)

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I saw and heard about this icon for Coon-Chicken Inn in the movie Ghost World, and I thought it would fit this weeks reading about marketing and advertisement. Most of the patrons and employees where predominately white, but they had this coon caricature of a goofy black man as there logo, in which many African Americans were offended by this. Most sites say that this was a way for the Whites to remember the Old South when the blacks were slaves. Like the reading points out, this advertisement is directed to the White majority to trigger the memory of slavery, in order to get them to come in and eat at the restaurant.



One thought on “Race and Ethnicity in Marketing and Advertisment

  1. This is one of the quotes that stood out to me the most while looking over this weeks readings, because when we think of stereotypes for certain race or ethnic groups, we can almost aways come up with a few right off the bat that everyone knows. It is crazy to think at times that there is stereotypes that make you believe a certain race is actually like that, until you really find out, but as the book stated, some stereotypes are real, and then to me the question is, at what point is the truth about a stereotype still classified as racist?


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